translation and post-editing


Translation and Post-Editing

Translation and Post-Editing of technical documentation is our core business. Our numerous Project Managers successfully manage a large and well-established network of professional translators, guaranteeing quality and punctuality, and maintaining confidentiality.


We can also revise documents that have already been translated unsatisfactorily by other agencies, implementing the required terminology, consistency and style.

Sworn translation

Where official certification of correspondence between a translated text and an original text is required, we offer an authentication service (court-sworn translation) for your translations.

Localisation of software and web documents

We specialise in the localisation of software and web documents. Localisation is the process involved in adapting a product or content to a specific country or market and requires specific skills and use of the right technological tools to match the content to the location, local culture and conditions of use, while complying with local regulations.


With our network of experienced and professional interpreters, we can support you in organising events, specialist seminars, meetings, round tables, business courses or complex business negotiations.

Other language services

Transcription of audio/video media.