The term "localization" means all activities allowing the use of a resource (for instance, software, a website or a machine tool) in the way that is best suited to the place of use. Resources need to be adapted to the place, the conditions of use and the culture, in compliance with current regulations.

Software incorporates most of the difficulties relating to localisation: the translation of commands and messages can only represent a small part of the issues to be resolved. Once translated, a message must be able to be properly displayed within a space that was designed for the source language, for example. Hence the need to abbreviate, or split words, to know how to use the tools available in a professional and highly qualified way, and so on.

Localisation is thus a more complex activity than translation and requires specific tools and skills. EURECO has considerable experience in this area, having contributed to the localisation of some of the most widely-used software in the world.